Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Our social media services includes a range of  social media management packages. Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote the content on your website and blog and provides the social signals that enhance search engine  ranking.  Our social media management services includes setup and ongoing management and metrics  for all the main social networks: including Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Please note these are standard prices but they can vary as we provide a customized service that takes into account individual requirements.

Facebook  SETUP – includes profile and following 30 people/business in field or industry ( R 190.00)

Facebook Management: (R 500.oo per month)

– includes three posts in industry/ field per day; as well as announcements and news items etc.

– Replies to comments ( These are vetted with account owner)

– monitoring and metrics: weekly updates on likes and other interactions as  well as measurement of traffic to website via social media.*



 Twitter Setup with profile, following 30 relevant people/organizations ( R 150.00)

Twitter Management ( R 999.00 per month) includes:

-advanced client research and interaction: which means,  hourly interaction and responses to questions, as well as responses to retweets and mentions on a daily basis.

-Five relevant  Tweets per  day, including product and news announcement.

– monitoring and metrics:  new followers, weekly updates on activity and  interactions as well as measurement of traffic to website via social media.*

Note: Twitter is growing at an exponential  rate in South Africa and has become one of the prime networks  for customer and client  interaction.



Setup and Profile: ( R 200.00)

-includes full profile setup and following ten industry leads.

Management ( R 799.00 per month)

– three daily posts relevant to your business

– Interaction and responses  to posts from followers.

– research and identification of possible leads

– involvement in relevant discussion groups . At least five discussion  groups will be interacted  with on a weekly basis in order to create contacts and  promote products/brand.

-monitoring and metrics: Measurement of traffic to website via social media.*



Setup and Profile – including business profile: ( R 500.00); as well as five initial boards with twenty pins each

Management ( R 1599.00 per month) includes;

– creation of 10 boards with perirnetn themes

– application  of Pinterest optimization techniques

– Daily pins  ( 30)

–  daily maintenance : following new followers, establishing leads and influencers, as well as ongoing assessment  of effective boards.

-monitoring and metrics: Measurement of traffic to website via social media.*

Note: full analysis and reportage of the effect of various boards and pins on site  traffic as well as on Pinterest  is an additional  R 1500.00.

* Measurement of traffic from social media to website is dependent on access to Google Analytics; while a Google account will be setup for the client, the client’s webmaster will be responsible for implement  the necessary code on the site pages.



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